JavaScript ES6 Rest and Spread Operator

Working with arrays and parameters have become a bit easier now that spread and rest parameters have been released as a part of the ECMAScript 6 upgrade. The syntax for these operators are the same (…) with the difference being: The rest operator will collect the parameters into an array The spread will take an array and Read more about JavaScript ES6 Rest and Spread Operator[…]

JavaScript ES6 Promises

Overview Promises have been around in JavaScript in one form or another for a while now, but they are typically provided by a framework. For example, if you ever used the jQuery ajax function to make an API call, behind the scenes you were using jQuery’s promise mechanism. In this example, the “ajax” function returns Read more about JavaScript ES6 Promises[…]

JavaScript ES6 Arrow Functions

Overview This past June, the TC39 committee released the ECMAScript 6 version of JavaScript. It was the biggest upgrade to the language since 1999 when version 3.0 was release. As aside, the committee cancelled the 4.0 version  due to lack of agreement and the 5.0 release was really a 3.1 release, as there really nothing major Read more about JavaScript ES6 Arrow Functions[…]

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