Campus Management GitHub Repositories

I am happy to announce that we have created a set of community-driven GitHub repositories to help share ideas, solutions and knowledge regarding CampusNexus!  We would love for you to contribute to this community as well, so please feel free to fork a project and commit your proposed changes.  Submitting a change will write to Read more about Campus Management GitHub Repositories[…]

C# Anonymous Pipes for Interprocess Communication

There are times when you may need to communicate between multiple processes, perhaps to send messages or share data. A recent example that I worked on involved a 64-bit application that needed to use a 32-bit DLL. The 32-bit DLL had to run in a separate process, so interprocess communication (IPC) was needed to allow Read more about C# Anonymous Pipes for Interprocess Communication[…]

CampusNexus Entity Framework

CampusNexus Entity Framework Note: The example service used in this solution can be found in TFS at this location: $/Framework/Internal/ServiceExample What is an Entity? In CampusNexus, an Entity represents a person, place, or thing such as a Course, Task or Campaign.  Entities only contain the properties associated with itself such as first name, last name or city.  The verbs Read more about CampusNexus Entity Framework[…]

CampusNexus Visual Studio Item Templates

The CampusNexus Visual Studio item templates are a set of templates that will help you create common CampusNexus .NET types such as Services, Events, Commands, and EventHandlers.  To assist in maintaining naming and namespace consistency across CampusNexus, these templates are designed to be executed to the root of your projects.  To use a template, right click Read more about CampusNexus Visual Studio Item Templates[…]

Turn off C# 6.0 features in VS2015/Resharper 9 when using NET 4.5

If you are working on a NET 4.5 project using VS2015 + ReSharper 9, you will find that (by default), VS2015 and ReSharper will allow you (and even encourage you) to use the new C# 6.0 features within your source code. In some cases, ReSharper will recommend some C# 6.0 features as a way to improve your code. For example, in my example C# 4.5 code Read more about Turn off C# 6.0 features in VS2015/Resharper 9 when using NET 4.5[…]

Roslyn, VS2015 and the Syntax Visualizer add-in

What is Roslyn? The “Roslyn” project is a Microsoft initiative for an open-source compiler that also provides a rich set of analysis on the code that is being compiled. A brief history of this project The initial CTP for Roslyn was on October 2011 so this project has been around for a few years already. Read more about Roslyn, VS2015 and the Syntax Visualizer add-in[…]

The value of integration tests + tools to make them easier to write

Legacy apps are sometimes defined as “software solutions that do not have unit tests”. Without the capability to unit test a business software, developers can’t reliably predict how the software solution will behave under different scenarios. Migrating a legacy solution into a more modern application is no easy task. Typically this involves the following steps: Adding Read more about The value of integration tests + tools to make them easier to write[…]

C# 6.0 Features You Should Know

Now that C# 6.0 is here, let’s explore the newly introduced features so that we can be aware of what is now available to us, and be able to recognize their meaning in code others have written.   Auto-Property Initializers As you may know, in C# 3.0 auto-implemented properties were introduced. They provided a concise syntax Read more about C# 6.0 Features You Should Know[…]

Use this log viewer for real-time debugging

For the past year I have recommending all developers/architects to make it a practice to use a real-time log viewer when working with C# code. A real-time log viewer allows you to examine all log messages generated by your C# applications (as they occur) and it also allows you to filter and sort these log messages. This can offer great productivity benefits Read more about Use this log viewer for real-time debugging[…]

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