OData new query routes being introduced into Campus Nexus Student

Today, Campus Nexus Student offers the capability to perform OData queries against almost every piece of data item in the Student database model.

You can perform queries against the data stored in Campus Nexus Student by performing queries structured as shown below:

http://[server]/[odata prefix]/[Entity Collection Name]?[OData query parameters]

For example:


When we break-down the above OData query, we see the following parts:

Server:                                                 http://localhost/Cmc.Nexus.Web

OData prefix:                                     ds/campusnexus

Entity Collection Name:                 AcademicAdvisors

OData query parameters:            $top=10&$select=Id,Name&$orderby=Name


New ways to query the Campus Nexus Student data

Soon, this same solution will expand its query capabilities by adding new OData query routes. These new routes are typically referred to as:

  • “Single-Entity” routing
  • “Single-Entity to Navigation Property” routing

Let’s examine more closely what these new query routes are and how they work.

Single-Entity routing

This new routing offers the capability for clients to query a single record by simply specifying the ID of the item. The new route is defined as follow:

http://[server]/[odata prefix]/[Entity Collection Name]?([ID])

For example:


The route above returns the details of the Academic Advisor # 23.

Single-Entity to Navigation Property routing

In addition to the “Single-Entity” route, you can also query directly the property of an specific item by using the following route:

http://[server]/[odata prefix]/[Entity Collection Name]?([ID])/[Navigational Property Name]

For example:


The route above returns the details of the Campus Group assigned to the Academic Advisor # 23.

The benefits of these new routes

Some 3rd party clients exist that can consume OData APIs as long as the API matches the the OData v4 specifications. By adding these new routes, Campus Nexus Student further improves its implementation of OData API and adds routes that match the OData v4 specfication.

Examples of client applications that can consume these new OData routes are:

Microsoft Power BI – This is a Windows app that knows how to perform queries based on OData v4 specifications. Using this tool clients will be able to query data inside Campus Nexus Studentand create graphs, charts and dashboard from the data in Campus Nexus Student.

Microsoft Excel Power Query – This is an Excel add-on that knows how to perform queries based on OData v4 specifications. Using this tool clients will be able to query data inside Campus Nexus Student and create Excel spreadsheets to match desired data extraction results from data in Campus Nexus Student.

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