Forms Builder and DocuSign: Show content only on DocuSign

Forms Builder eSignature process

Forms Builder provides integration with DocuSign in which students filling out applications or forms via Forms Builder can be asked to electronically sign document via DocuSign. The method of signing supported from Forms Builder is called embedded signing, in which students will not have to leave application for signing purpose. Students will be able to sign in the necessary documents as part of their application process. Following is a snapshot of how this process works –

1. DocuSign Process

Showing content only in DocuSign

Sometimes, it is possible that you want students to see certain content only on PDF while they are actually signing the application. You can take advantage of CSS Print Style to achieve this behavior. Since, Forms Builder prints the application to PDF before sending it over it can follow the print media specifications from CSS.

Following steps describes what you can do to accomplish that.

  1. Create Forms Builder Label Field with desired content

    1. Create Label

  2. Go to Design view and modify classes associated with this new field

    In this example I am using class called ‘CSSPrintStyle’ for both label and control 2. CSS Labels

  3. Drag and drop this label field into desired Form, create and publish Sequence

  4. Copy following print style to associated CSS files in CMCFormsRenderer

  1. Test – this label will only be available while signing in DocuSign

    Following 2 images shows the hidden/invisible label in the Form and content of this label on DocuSign while signing.3. DocuSign Hidden4. DocuSign only content


You can use following CSS to get reverse effect of what’s described above. If you only want to take certain content out from the printed page or PDF you can use these CSS within your classes or create new class with print CSS as shown.

-tushar ~tas

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