Campus Management GitHub Repositories

I am happy to announce that we have created a set of community-driven GitHub repositories to help share ideas, solutions and knowledge regarding CampusNexus!  We would love for you to contribute to this community as well, so please feel free to fork a project and commit your proposed changes.  Submitting a change will write to a new branch so you can send a pull request to Campus Management to incorporate changes back into the master branch.

Please check out the three repositories below and refer to their respective landing pages for instructions on how to get started.

Workflow Samples

The Workflow Samples repository contains a set of sample workflows and workflow activities that you can easily import into your environment using CampusNexus Workflow.

Integration Samples

The Integration Samples repository contains examples of consuming CampusNexus APIs using various technologies such as .NET, JavaScript and Azure Logic Apps.

Forms Builder Sequence Templates

The Forms Builder Sequence Templates repository contains a set of Forms Builder sequences such as RFIs and Applications for Enrollment that you can import into your environment using Forms Builder Designer.


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