Faster way to compile X++ code using “AXBuild” Utility.

General Architecture Compiling on the Server Tier AxBuild.exe can accomplish a full compile of all X++ code, into AX p-code, many times faster than the traditional compile that you start from the MorphX client menu. AxBuild.exe is run on the Application Object Server (AOS) tier at a cmd.exe command prompt. The AxBuild.exe utility program involves[…]

What is Node.js, How it works, and how it is used in CampusNexus.

What is Node.Js, How it works Node.js is a JavaScript framework for writing server resources dependent JavaScript applications. It is built on top of the V8 JavaScript runtime. The Main logic behind Node.js is to provide a scalable access to slow server resources, Node.js is event driven, non blocking resources model which is easy to learn. It provides a way[…]

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