Changing Workflow Composer Database Connections

The Workflow Composer application maintains three connection strings for the database(s) that it uses. Those connection strings represent the CampusNexus Student database, the durable instancing database used for workflow persistence, and the one for workflow tracking. The CampusNexus Student database refers to the main SIS database. The database for workflow persistence captures a workflow instance’s Read more about Changing Workflow Composer Database Connections[…]

Registration-Free COM Component Activation

In order to use a Component Object Model (COM) component in an application, the binding/activation information must be made available so that the operating system can find it when a program needs the component. Typically this is accomplished by registering the COM component, which places the activation information in the Windows registry. Registration-free COM allows Read more about Registration-Free COM Component Activation[…]

C# Anonymous Pipes for Interprocess Communication

There are times when you may need to communicate between multiple processes, perhaps to send messages or share data. A recent example that I worked on involved a 64-bit application that needed to use a 32-bit DLL. The 32-bit DLL had to run in a separate process, so interprocess communication (IPC) was needed to allow Read more about C# Anonymous Pipes for Interprocess Communication[…]

JSON Support in SQL Server 2016

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight and very popular data interchange format. As such, JSON support was one of the most requested SQL Server features, and Microsoft has now added it to SQL Server 2016. Given Campus Management’s use of JSON, let’s explore what new features are available and how they work. Storing JSON Read more about JSON Support in SQL Server 2016[…]

C# 6.0 Features You Should Know

Now that C# 6.0 is here, let’s explore the newly introduced features so that we can be aware of what is now available to us, and be able to recognize their meaning in code others have written.   Auto-Property Initializers As you may know, in C# 3.0 auto-implemented properties were introduced. They provided a concise syntax Read more about C# 6.0 Features You Should Know[…]

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