Export Report Data from Sql Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report Preview

Report Export Options When previewing an SSRS report there are multiple options for exporting the report to various formats.  These options are found under the drop down menu in the tool bar, next to the save icon.  Some of the available options are:  Word, Excel, CSV, XML and Data Feed.  This document will review two Read more about Export Report Data from Sql Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report Preview[…]

OData Client in CampusNexus

Introduction: As part of the CampusNexus solution, the Cmc.Nexus.Models.Client project provides a client for accessing the OData service.  Using the client classes, an application will be able to seamlessly execute OData queries and work with the results within the client code.  This blog is a tutorial showing how to use the OData client from within Read more about OData Client in CampusNexus[…]

Workflow Hosts in CampusNexus Student

As we expand the deployment of Workflow Activities within the CampusNexus architecture, the number of host processes for workflows is now up to five.   Workflow Engine Host Processes Workflow Composer Nexus Windows Service CampusNexus Student web site Regulatory WCF web site CampusLink WCF web site In this post, I’ll review each host and identify Read more about Workflow Hosts in CampusNexus Student[…]

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