OData new query routes being introduced into Campus Nexus Student

Today, Campus Nexus Student offers the capability to perform OData queries against almost every piece of data item in the Student database model. You can perform queries against the data stored in Campus Nexus Student by performing queries structured as shown below: http://[server]/[odata prefix]/[Entity Collection Name]?[OData query parameters] For example: http://localhost/Cmc.Nexus.Web/ds/campusnexus/AcademicAdvisors?$top=10&$select=Id,Name&$orderby=Name When we break-down the[…]

Changing Workflow Composer Database Connections

The Workflow Composer application maintains three connection strings for the database(s) that it uses. Those connection strings represent the CampusNexus Student database, the durable instancing database used for workflow persistence, and the one for workflow tracking. The CampusNexus Student database refers to the main SIS database. The database for workflow persistence captures a workflow instance’s[…]

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