CampusNexus Entity Framework

CampusNexus Entity Framework Note: The example service used in this solution can be found in TFS at this location: $/Framework/Internal/ServiceExample What is an Entity? In CampusNexus, an Entity represents a person, place, or thing such as a Course, Task or Campaign.  Entities only contain the properties associated with itself such as first name, last name or city.  The verbs[…]

The Campus Nexus Student Metadata OData feed and how to extend it using a custom Data Annotator

Upon starting Campus Nexus Student the UI (user interface) will make a call to an OData feed that provides it with information about tables, fields, objects and navigational structures. The feed is located at: http://[Server]/Cmc.Nexus.Web/ds/campusnexus/$metadata The OData feed has a structure that is similar to one shown below:

The details included in this OData feed are extracted directly from the generated[…]

CSS/LESS Best Practices at Campus Management Corp.

At Campus Management Corp. we use the LessCss in many of our products and core frameworks. Less is a common Node.js based CSS pre-processor that extends CSS3 to add variables, mixins, and functions to make our applications more maintainable. During builds, Less files are “compiled” into CSS3 file which are then distributed with the software. This document provides[…]

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