Workflow Hosts in CampusNexus Student

As we expand the deployment of Workflow Activities within the CampusNexus architecture, the number of host processes for workflows is now up to five.   Workflow Engine Host Processes Workflow Composer Nexus Windows Service CampusNexus Student web site Regulatory WCF web site CampusLink WCF web site In this post, I’ll review each host and identify Read more about Workflow Hosts in CampusNexus Student[…]

Roslyn, VS2015 and the Syntax Visualizer add-in

What is Roslyn? The “Roslyn” project is a Microsoft initiative for an open-source compiler that also provides a rich set of analysis on the code that is being compiled. A brief history of this project The initial CTP for Roslyn was on October 2011 so this project has been around for a few years already. Read more about Roslyn, VS2015 and the Syntax Visualizer add-in[…]

Introduction to Webpack – JavaScript Module Loading

What is Webpack As JavaScript projects go, its increasingly more difficult to organize all your static assets (JavaScript, images, fonts, CSS, etc) in way that makes sense and¬†performs well. You have to balance the number of files being downloaded verses that size of the files being downloaded. On top of that, the development environment should Read more about Introduction to Webpack – JavaScript Module Loading[…]

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