The value of integration tests + tools to make them easier to write

Legacy apps are sometimes defined as “software solutions that do not have unit tests”. Without the capability to unit test a business software, developers can’t reliably predict how the software solution will behave under different scenarios. Migrating a legacy solution into a more modern application is no easy task. Typically this involves the following steps: Adding[…]

Customization of Portal with SharePoint Part I: Deploy your own Web Part

Portal with SharePoint as name suggests is built on top of Microsoft SharePoint. Choosing to use Portal with SharePoint will provide schools an opportunity to deploy other SharePoint features and use them with out-of-the box product. The basic customization can be done on SharePoint itself or via SharePoint Designer which is free utility available from[…]

The proper format and structure of a unit test at Campus

Unit tests can be formatted and structured in a wide variety of ways. At Campus, we have been structuring our unit tests in a similar manner in order to promote consistency in our code and to make it easier to create new tests. By simply following the basic structure explained below, you can create unit tests that will be consistent with other[…]

Use this log viewer for real-time debugging

For the past year I have recommending all developers/architects to make it a practice to use a real-time log viewer when working with C# code. A real-time log viewer allows you to examine all log messages generated by your C# applications (as they occur) and it also allows you to filter and sort these log messages. This can offer great productivity benefits[…]

JavaScript ES6 Promises

Overview Promises have been around in JavaScript in one form or another for a while now, but they are typically provided by a framework. For example, if you ever used the jQuery ajax function to make an API call, behind the scenes you were using jQuery’s promise mechanism. In this example, the “ajax” function returns[…]

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