JavaScript ES6 Arrow Functions

Overview This past June, the TC39 committee released the ECMAScript 6 version of JavaScript. It was the biggest upgrade to the language since 1999 when version 3.0 was release. As aside, the committee cancelled the 4.0 version  due to lack of agreement and the 5.0 release was really a 3.1 release, as there really nothing major[…]

CampusNexus Logging

Overview The scope of this document is to describe how to enable logging on products built on the CampusNexus framework. Configuring Logging The default logging provider used by CampusNexus is NLog. NLog allows you to configure log targets, levels, rules, layouts, etc. through configuration. To configure logging for CampusNexus products, you need to modify the[…]

CampusNexus Student Web Client – Application Pool Identity

Overview In order to enhance security and simplify configuration and maintenance, the CampusNexus Student Web Client will use (by default) application pool identity and integrated security to access local and network resources such as SQL Server. Application Pool Identity Application pool identity is a feature that was introduced in Service Pack 2 (SP2) of Windows[…]

Defining and Accessing Configuration

Defining Configuration When defining configuration settings, use appSettings within the app.config or web.config. Make sure each app setting is properly commented.

Accessing Configuration When accessing configuration stored within a configuration file, do not use the static methods exposed on ConfigurationManager, as this type limits your ability to mock configuration settings for unit testing. The[…]

Campus Management Development & NuGet

Overview This post describes the details of how to configure a Visual Studio solution to publish to the Campus Management NuGet package source. Campus Management NuGet Package Source The Campus Management NuGet package source is a file system based source located at \\bcrnfs2\nuget. Campus Management IT publishes a NuGet.config file to all machines on the[…]

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